2007-08 holiday gift guide: for the college bound gal.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m a little late in posting today’s gift guide because I stayed in bed to cuddle with my canines (who I am SO thankful for!).

So without further ado, I present Installment #4 in the Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza: for the college bound gal. Scroll down to view the list; I’ll be updating every few minutes with the entire installment uploaded by 11AM (PST).

Click here in case you’ve missed yesterday’s guide for teens & tweens.
OR, click here to view the entire guide thus far: over 75 gifts for the little ones!

Happy shopping, and stay tuned tomorrow for Installment #5: for the college bound guys. You didn’t think the ladies would get to have all the fun, did you?

Love to you on this fantastic Thanksgiving morning.

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