2007-08 holiday gift guide: for the kiddies.

Whew! Yesterday was a fun-filled bowl full o’ baby gift ideas, and today we’re moving on to installment #2: for the kiddies! Check back often for the ever-growing list of 28 gift ideas! Scroll down to see all gifts, with the entire list updated by 10AM (PST).

Enjoy, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift guide: for tweens & teens!

*In case you missed the baby guide, simply click here or visit the archives section on the right sidebar. You’re in for a treat!

  • have been one busy lady! you found some terrific stuff! i think i have some shopping to do.

  • wow!
    fantastic… and I don’t have any kiddies on my Christmas list … there is however my inner child to consider. I can’t wait for other recipients … wonder if you have a pets catagory.

    thanks for all the great links!!

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