dolan geiman.

I woke up this morning with the most intense head cold I’ve had since I missed the kindergarten field trip to the Chicago Zoo, so needless to say, posting will be light on this lovely Wednesday in L.A.

I’ve been really in tune with collages these past few weeks, and have been working on a few of my own for a future Etsy opening (yes, I’m considering joining the masses!), so naturally, I’ve been drooling over collage artist Dolan Geiman for a few days now.

Born in Virginia, Dolan has a a “profound appreciation for the tangible and visceral elements that define rural America.” I think that means he’s a Southern country fan.

Check out his work over at Esty, and be sure to take advantage of his holiday sale, going on now.

  • ooh! i have some of his items on my flickr favourites (on my personal account – heh)!

  • Awesome collages! I love making those, but I doubt mine would be as Etsy-worthy! Those are great!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Awww, thanks, Kami. You are SUCH a sweetheart! I am feeling a bit better today!

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  • WOW! Thanks for finding my little blog, Dolan!! :) I’m so honored!

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