it’s all gravy.

Oh gosh, the memories of saying that to my catty high school friends.

Anyway, I am SO SO SO excited to feature this next designer. A fabulous guy with an even more fabulous eye, Anand Gowda is the brains behind Gravy, a San Franciscan design studio. Anand’s work has been featured in ReadyMade magazine, Apartment Therapy and SF Station, and you can find his interior brains all over the new Curiosity Shoppe design. AND… he creates furniture. Yes, it’s true. I so wish I had pics of his pieces to post here, but visit his site for the ultimate in his creations. And while you’d imagine his designs just couldn’t get ANY better, he’s now in the process of creating a shelving system and end table just to spice things up a bit.

Gravy isn’t yet sold in stores, so if you want the goods, you gotta visit the site. Call or email Anand if you want a piece of gravy in your life!

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