little who.

I’ll be in and out of DFM for the next few days on an interior design assignment in AZ, so posting will be light, to say the least.

So… feel free to write me a snail mail letter until I’ll return on Monday!

And, if you need good stationary to do so, I can’t think of anyone better to purchase it from than Little Who over at Buy Olympia.

Adorable, no?

Have a great weekend; love to you all!

  • Very adorable, YES! And congratulations on the job. I’m doing a big job across town, not as exciting as going to Arizona, but fun none the less.


  • i love the swimmer card. these make me want to get out my craft supplies and make some cards.

  • Bec: Me too! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t make cards NEARLY that stylish, but hey, a gal can try!

  • love the suggestions on your blog :D
    if you ever need a hand customizing your template let me know :)

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