out of the box: jennifer collier.

I first heard about Jennifer Collier’s fascinating designs when perusing past exhibitions of the Rochester Art Gallery, so you can imagine my excitement when her work was featured in Craft magazine a few months ago.

Jennifer’s eye for detail and conceptual design simply make me melt. I looooove that her pieces are so vintage-inspired, but more importantly, they mean something to her, the artist.

She says it best herself: “The works have the power to communicate ideas about recycling, as well as themes exploring the body. My work is often inspired by literature.The work is non-functional and aims to encourage people to speculate on the nature of value. I enjoy the idea of working with disposable organic materials that are transient in nature, imbuing them with worth and creating something intriguing and of great beauty.”

Amen, Jen!

Click here to view more of her whimsical shoes, dresses and jewelry.

  • Gorgeous work! This reminds me of the Vogue photo of Madonna’s home in Ashcombe, where she’s lying in bed with her kids – and the bed, comforter, and pillows are all covered in newspaper (which is in turn an homage to a similar photo by previous Ashcombe owner Cecil Beaton)….

    I want a pair of those slippers.

  • Thanks, ladies! And Ma Vie en Rose: that Vogue photo sounds FABULOUS!! :)

  • As a fellow art geek, I’m glad you loved the Van Gah print…

    and there’s no need to hunt through your archives for the photo; try here. I absolutely loved that cover story; happily it can now be seen in all of its glory in the new Vogue Living book.

  • Just incredible. So delicate and ethereal. And what great texture.

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