2007-08 holiday gift guide: for the stressed out moms.

Better late than never, right? The Internet has been revived and I can now post freely without giving myself an anxiety attack.

So, let the gifts begin! I’ll have the full list upoaded by 6PM (PST). Check back soon!

[In case you’d like to see the holiday guide in it’s entirety (all 300 plus gifts!), click here.]

Love to you all, and I’ll see you tomorrow (on time, hopefully!) for another lucky recipient: the entertainer(s)!

See you then!

  • OMG so many great gift ideas! …so many great links!… thanks DFMKind !!

  • You are still amazing me with all of your gift guides and witty commentaries! LOVE these. You crack me up.

    Thanks so much!

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