2007-08 holiday gift guide: THE GRAND FINALE!

Ok DFM’ers, here it is! The end of an era, the finish line, the last crumb. And it’s ALL about wrapping!

I’m a huge fan of wrapping, so much that our guest room closet has been made into a wrapping station full of roll after roll of gorgeous wrapping paper hung on the wall with care. I have my ribbons organized my color and texture, and of course, a wide array of stamp and painting materials. Bubble wrap, tissue wrap, rafia, the whole shebang. It’s really ridiculous, but it’s my thing. All about the packaging!

So, of course, I wanted to focus on wrapping to end the gift guide, and I wanted a wide array of options to allow for different styling techniques. What this means is you’ll get over 45 different gift wrap ideas, from tags to papers to cards. I’m just so excited!

Scroll down and let the fun begin…