antenna mag.

When husband and I were stuck at the airport for a good seven hours flying home for the holidays, I perused Hudson News for a quick read. I had already read Print, Wallpaper and How (my usual hits), when I stumbled upon Antenna, a mag I’d never heard of. Maybe this is b/c I live in a L.A. hole, or maybe it’s new. Either way, the photography was OUTSTANDING.

Antenna is a magazine all about products. Best of, worst of, get it now’s. And although I couldn’t justify subscribing to this ridiculously large magazine (called a ‘book’, and rightfully so), I badly wanted to do some serious damage to add to my tear sheet collection.

Luckily, their site is full of similar images, and free! Gotta love it.

Visit Antenna Mag for some visual inspiration, right here. Enjoy!