tilly bloom.

Yummy. I so badly want each of these jewelry pieces. So badly that I’m thinking of reciting a very, very memorable and quazi-annoying song that I’ve picked up from a certain Veruca Salt.

I’ll spare you, but trust me, I’m singing it in my head.

I love the vintage and French-inspired jewelry, but sometimes feel like it ages me. But these pieces? Yes, yes, and yes, please. All are fabulous, all are perfect for putting the edge back into your favorite tee.

Click here to shop Tilly Bloom’s Etsy shop, and give her a big hello from DFM!

I want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww (ok couldn’t help myself).

  • That Eye Chart necklace is awesome! Very much my humour – I may have to pick that one up!

  • these are fabulous — and I never say fabulous, but it seemed like the perfect word. =)
    – Jessie –

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