ed vince.

In my book, Ed Vince is InVince-able. OMG. Wow. Bad joke. It’s nap time, don’t make fun.

Anyway, I am madly in love with this etiquette trend that has been going on for the past year, but this is my favorite take on the etiquette set so far. An adorable placemat that’s clean and well-designed. One that will happen to go down in history as both a functional dinnerware accessory, and a family heirloom (read: your grandmother will love that someone is teaching you manners).

Congrats to Ed Vince for being so totally cool. Click here to see more of Eddy’s work (can I call you that, Ed? Please?).

  • Wow. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Anonymous. The original artists deserve much credit as well, and I do hope this wasn’t an intentional rip-off. Nothing cool about that!

    Be original, artists. And keep your head up while you’re at it! :)

  • hello,

    i just found this blog. i designed the etiquette set and wasn’t inspired by either because it was completed in early 2007 before i’d seen either.

    mine isn’t intended to be functional and was never meant to be produced as it is a comment on mass production. it was a conceptual idea designed to inspire thought and conversation.

    thankyou for the post though, i’m glad some of you appreciate the detailing and construction.

    regards, ed or eddy or whatever!

  • Thanks so so much for your contribution, Ed! :) So glad to know this. We’re big fans!!!

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