gallery ocho presents sideshow.

Gallery Ocho isn’t really known for being budget-friendly. In fact, this Santa Barbara shoppe could easily steal a month’s salary from my pockets in one fell swoop (granted, that salary would be a full time blogger’s salary, which translates to like, four dollars).

Until now. With the new e-grand opening of Side Show, Gallery Ocho is finally throwing us art-lovers a bone. By trading rarity for accessibility (yeah, ponder that one), Side Show offers archival limited edition prints for just…


No, I’m not joking. $20, which is cheap. Etsy cheap. Taco Bell cheap. Blogger budget cheap.

I’m just so excited. And with three new images to choose from every month, I can splurge on as many as I want.

[Thanks, Jeremy!]
  • I bought one of the bird prints and love it! It came with a certificate of authenticity that was signed by the artist. Since it was so cheap, I can afford a nice frame – and the rent! ;)

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