home sweet home: arthur’s circus.

It’s ‘home sweet home’ week here at DFM, which basically means, totally fun house tours for you! I’m consistently inspired by homes that actually LOOK like homes. Lived in, messy [at times], and things that are just a wee disorganized. So, in an effort to phase out the stylized photos on this blog (which are gorgeous, don’t get me wrong!), I asked real people to show REAL homes.

Natalie, owner of Arthur’s Circus, a vintage shoppe in Melbourne, Australia, was quick to oblige. I love that her home is so inspired by her full-time gig, which is maintaining such a quirky, fun and unique store for people that are in need of a less-than-normal homestead.

Arthur’s Circus was [I’m guessing here] named after Arthur, Natalie’s son, who happens to own the coolest bedroom south of the Equator. Seriously. I’m jealous, and I’ll bet his future wife will be a VERY happy woman if she inherits his old bedroom set.

Next, Natalie’s kitchen is ridiculously— ADORABLE. Whoever can make Italian glass look SO cool is a Goddess in my book, and Natalie has CERTAINLY done that with her colorful backsplash. Another fave? Her ‘Keep Calm, Carry On’ pillow that is ever-so-subtlety hiding on that lovely felt-woolen chair.

And the bedroom? WOW. Natalie framed photos that she has taken to add a bit of personality to an otherwise stark room. Of course, she happens to be a fantastic photographer, so this works. I, however, would have to hire out that aspect of the room. The only photos I’ve taken are of my dogs, and NO one wants to see their faces first thing in the morning. [Ok, except for me]. Natalie believes that made beds are overrated, and for this room, I undoubtedly agree.

Natalie admits that her family has a bit of an obsession with wall clocks. An obsession that I happen to 100% support, given the composition of this room. Just lovely.

More of Natalie’s photos, and some ‘Keep Calm, Carry On’ fabric that I’m just hoping makes it into another pillow. Could be a secret obsession of Natalie’s?

Eh, we’ve all got skeletons in our homes. ;)

Special thanks to Natalie and her family, along with Arthur’s Circus for the photos and inspiration. Stay tuned tomorrow for another ‘home sweet home’ feature. You’re gonna LOVE it!