inspiration e-zine: issue two.

I’m so excited to release the second [and FREE!] issue of Inspiration: Design for Mankind’s monthly e-zine. [If you missed the first issue, click here to view/download!] I’ve been working nonstop for the past month to bring you another dose of inspiration and it is my hope that you find this issue equally (if not more so!) motivating in your quest to accomplish each and every one of your goals. Whether you’re a designer, doctor, stay-at-home mom or trash collector, I think we can all use a bit of inspiration in our daily lives.

Hats off to you, readers— this one’s for you.

Click here to download the second issue of Inspiration, only at Design for Mankind.

Note: If you’d like to join the mailing list for future Inspiration issues (each month!), email me right here with subject line ‘Mailing List.’ OR, subscribe to the Design for Mankind feed on the righthand corner, powered by FeedBlitz.

Note #2: THANK YOU for your sweet comments— I’m overwhelmed, once again! The upcoming issues may stray from inspiration boards but will still be centered around inspiration in the home. If you’d like to be involved, email me here!
[EDIT: Paul [Einlyng] Lowe, NY stylist and creator of the AWESOME board from page six has just started a blog— click here to read!]

  • Boy, you are on a roll….Kudos!
    Your first one was excelllent…I’m off to see another great e-zine

  • Thanks so much Erin…a real thrill to see what all the other designers have on their minds. I tell you that the only thing that would have made this issue any better was if I had been chose for the front cover. (I love the cover too – just want to be a smart alec!)

  • total wonderfulness, miss erin!! i so enjoy the positive energy that seems to flow out of your blog!

  • Oh wow. I am blown away. I’m so glad you took the time to do this, thanks for all dose of inspiration!

    I especially loved the His and Hers Boards.

    I know how to go to the store and buy ink so I can print and read slowly.

  • i LOVED the first one and i cant wait to see the second!! you do amazing things, honestly. i saw the ezine on decor8 i believe, and from there subscribed to your blog. im so glad i did!

  • I can appreciate your excitement about this. I just started a blog last week and can’t believe how much I enjoy working on it. This is an inspiration to me! Thanks.


  • Oh, man… I’m so excited about your second e-zine. I’m headed over to my blog — particularaesthetic — to update the link to it on my sidebar. Horray!

  • I featured you on my blog, I don’t have many readers yet, but my cherished few will love you.


  • No you have a lovely blog!
    I’d love to be involved in a future issue & on your mailing address… I wasn’t able to link to your email, but mine is: matimcd at hotmail dot com

    i realize you have a lot of comments here and may not see this:)

  • Wonderful!!! I will grab a cup of coffee and get indulging! Thank you, you clever thing! x

  • absolutely brilliant idea on the ezine and blog! love it!
    thank you also for the positive feedback on my blog, it’s great to hear it!

  • Hi Erin, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment! Like this chicken, both issues 1 & 2 will be accompanying me on jetblue this weekend. Can’t wait to read it all! – Marichelle

  • thanks thanks thanks for the inspiration. I’m blown away
    Milan (Italy)

  • this is a really cool site! thanks for the comment on my blog. I like the e-zine! It’s very inspiring!


  • Thanks so much for creating your wonderful e-zines. I’ve been a ‘blurker’ for far too long and definitely welcome my new role of ‘commenter’ so you know how much all your efforts mean to those of us always looking for a little or big dose of inspiration! Kudos to you!

  • Oh yay! another ezine. I’m printing it out to drool over tonight.

    Thanks for your wonderful comments about my blog. I’m new at this game, and it’s such a joy to hear about people who enjoy it.

  • Thanks so much Erin for the 2nd issue, I´m printing it out now. Wonderful again! And if I may say so, you look VERY elegant in the photo!
    : )

  • I just found your blog – and your Inspiration e-zine.

    I briefly glanced through the e-zine – and it is such a treat!!!! I’m going to print it off and relish every page.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!!!!

    Best, Darlene

  • Erin, i love your inspiration e-zine and would LOVE to be in a future issue! i tried emailing a note to the address listed but it will not send from my outlook express!?!?! is there another address i can email to? thanks, iowajewel (julie)

  • Oh gosh This is gorgeous, and the name is perfect!! So inspirational!! I really hope you do not mind that I posted a link to it in my latest post? Just had to share you with my readers in case they have not already found you ;-)

  • Dear Erin,
    Hello from Portugal!!
    I just came across your blog and I was completely overwhelmed with it. It is really inspirational to see so many beautiful things put together in the same place in such a great way. I couldn’t resist the urge of printing out your e-zine, subscribing the feeds and walk around to see everything. Thanks a lot for doing such a great work and for helping us (at least me!) to go through less inspirational times with such inspirational things! Keep up the good work!

  • Just found you. Wonderful! and thank you for the download. The Zine looks delicious!


  • Just wanted to say your blog is great and it’s been an inspiration to me to get crafty! thanks so much for the ezine as well since it’s a great visual.

    Looking forward to the next one.


  • Erin, Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration with us! It is truly beautiful. Your passion is very visible! Thank you also for the encouragement that you can find your life’s “work” when you’re young. I feel the same way!

    Thank you!!!


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