kristen schiele.


I find Kristen’s work to be both inspiring, but realistic. I never thought an artist could mix those two blends of feelings so well, but she’s done it. And in such a way that doesn’t so much mock modern art, but gives it a little push into the un-chartered territories that I call “Please no more abstract art that I can’t understand.”

Having lived both in the U.S. and in Germany, Kristen’s paintings are an attempt to illustrate the differences between the industrial landscapes of the Midwest and of post war East Block Berlin.

I find this passion of her’s to be fascinating, and very telling of our current states of economy and societal beings.

Oh gracious, look at me getting all philosophical. See? This is what she does to me!

Anyway, click here to read Kristen’s artist statement, which is something ELSE. Or, click here to view more of her spectacular work.

Thanks, Kristen!

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