samantha hahn.

Samantha emailed me this weekend with a link to her portfolio and MIGHTY MIGHTY WHOA-NESS. I’m in awe. I seriously love this girl to the MAX. (Ha! The Max! Like the diner in Saved by the Bell! OMG hilarious…)

Anyway, she’s uber-talented, and you can find her featured over on Holly’s site, too. What I love about Samantha is how fun her sketches are. I’ve always loved sketches and handmade illustrations much more than any other artists’ medium. I don’t know what it is, but I find imperfect doodles to be SO precious and I have to fight the craving to frame every gumwrapper that my artist friend scribbles on during church. It’s true, yes.

Samantha’s sketches are LOVELY, and so obviously display her creativity. I love her TV dinner sketch, which she’d like to someday place on a melamine plate (watch out Thomas Paul!). I vote Hahn!

Click here to read the inner-workings of Sam’s mind (Samantha: May I call you that???), or here to peruse more of her lovelies.

And on THAT note, you may now enjoy your weekend, dreaming of Samantha Hahns dancing in your head.

  • I love her sketches too! And I’m like you… give me doodles straight from an artist’s head and hand any day! Her pictures are really fun! You find the coolest artists!

  • Erin!!! Thank you so much. I’ve been without internet all weekend and I’m just now checking from work. My new apt. is not hooked up till Tues. Torture!!! What an amazing way to start the day by reading your fabulous blog and seeing this post. Thank you so much. I love what you posted and wrote. I’m so lucky to be on this beautiful blog. Thank you thank you.

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