edit: Vanessa at Paper Chick just tagged me, so I’m re-posting my seven inner-most qualities from earlier this year, b/c face it— I can’t bear to muster up seven more! Thanks, Vanessa!

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Oh, I love a good game of blog tag. Blag, if you will.

I’ve been tagged by janine, and although the Internet is the last place I’d love to declare my deepest, darkest secrets, I can never turn down a good taggin’.

Here goes; seven weird things about… myself.

7. I never learned to tie my shoes as a child and still have trouble with my sneakers. Therefore, I just don’t untie them, ever. Should a shoelace become fatefully loose, my dear husband double knots them for me.

6. Pickles are my favorite food. Pickles in the morning, pickles in the evening, pickles at dinnertiiiiiiiiiime.

5. I bite my lips when I’m nervous. Not bite, more like gnaw. It’s gross and they bleed. And it makes me feel better when they’re all completely even and raw and there are no parts that are less bloody than the other.

4. I have stretch marks. And a lot of them. Cellulite, stretch marks, the whole shebang. In fact, my right thigh maps out the entire suburban area of Boston, Massachusetts… highways and all. Really, I quite nicely resemble a recent pregnant 30-year-old woman who’s body is beginning to take on another form. Only I’m not 30, I’m 24. And I haven’t yet given birth.

3. When I wake up I talk to myself in the morning. Well, and when I go to sleep. I really always talk to myself in the mirror. I say phrases that I will often say during the day, to see how I say them. Phrases like, “That is ridiculous,” and “Can you help me with this”, and “Of course I’ll show you to the bathroom.”

2. I’m a writer, so I have upwards of 20-something journals. All for different topics. You know, like the Self Destruction Times, or Things I’ll Teach My Future Unborn Children, or Thoughts on Station Wagons. The usual.

1. My sock drawer is categorized AND labeled, and every so often my husband will switch the white with the ivory and screw up my system, just to piss me off. Because clearly, the sock in the ‘ivory’ slot is NOT ‘ivory.’

That’s all I can take, Internet. And I am NOT tagging anyone else, b/c I wouldn’t wish the embarrassment on them. See? I’m SO nice!

  • I AM ROFL. Hysterically. You are a riot. I have been the worst person to tag lately, poor folks get a “thank you” and then nothing more. Pathetic. You are the best to follow through and humor people, in spite of the obvious embarrassment you might cause yourself. Not that anything you said is anything to be embarrassed about, we have have our issues. Although the lip biting part, bloody remnants of lips chewed raw, that is unfortunate. Sounds painful. You know my favorite remedy for problem lips? Aquaphor. It is the best healer ever.

    And Oh My Gosh, you are 24. I feel like such an old lady now. Really really old.

    Alrighty, that was fun dear (since I am so old I can call you dear). Thanks for sharing.


  • Oh, Melissa. I can always count on you to be too kind. Thanks for being sweet during my ridiculous soul-bearing session. Your turn, dearie!

  • “Thoughts on Station Wagons. The usual.”

    Glad to know I am not the only one!

    (btw 24 with stretch marks too, lucky for me they are battle scars from carrying a big 9lb baby!)

  • Well I must say you have out done me! It is VERY interesting and the most SHOCKING item fro me was that you are only 24!!!!! It must be an extremely wise 24, as I am 31 and I thought you were definately older as the content of your blog is to mature(don’t take offence – it’s not totally the correct word – but the closest I can get for what I want to try and say…). So thanks again – and it brightened up my day! And it is cool to know that there are non-conformists out there that have escaped the system and cannot tie their shoe laces! = )

  • GAH!!! I do the same thing with my lips but I don’t really bite them, just kind of rub them. Um, that sounds kind of gross but that raw evenness is very satisfying. We can start a special club.

  • Hilarious! I’m glad there are people as crazy as me out there. I can tie my own shoes, but I there are many such daily habits which I refuse to do for myself. My poor husband has to fill in the gaps for me. HA!

  • HA. You are much too gracious, ladies! But thanks for your kind words, and Kati— we MUST start a club!

  • Hey Erin,
    I just peed ma pants off!!! Thanks for re-posting…I appreciate it!!!!

  • Hah! I think talking to yourself is truly under-rated, I do it all the time,and, if someone happens to hear me, I’ll just pretend I’m talking to them.

  • The next day my son asked me if I was upset about something last night and been drinking all night – he said when he came home I was sleeping on the couch ( I never do this ), and when he finally got me awake I was sluring my speech, looked smashed and staggering!!! Don't remember moving from my recliner to the couch! That was 2 shots of gin in a 12oz glass mixed with tonic! Just One Drink! I checked my gin bottle on Sunday afternoon – I had only made the one drink. ,

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