a domino for drew.

If you read Decor8, then you totally already know this, but well… I don’t care. Domino Mag emailed me this AM to give me a sneak peek into the glossy pages of their next issue, and I just KNOW I’ll be running out to the mailbox and panting like an anxious puppy waiting for this one.

I love that Drew has a personal style that embodies a sense of freedom, uniqueness (wow, that’s not even a word) and allows for her share of mistakes. Like art, I find the beauty in the imperfections, so when she wears something that makes a few people cringe, all the better.

I imagined her home would be much the same, but wow— I can’t find any imperfections here. It’s a lovely, lovely mix of personality and style: my two favorite things!

Go Drew, Go Domino, and GO GET IT.

  • Damn, I may have to buy this issue. I’m trying to cut down on my magazine subscriptions.

  • You DEFINITELY will, my dear! And good for you for cutting down on the subs… I SO wish I could follow your lead. :)

  • I can’t wait for the issue either, but it won’t be nearly as good as those cookies you sent me. :)

  • I remember when years ago Drew’s home (possibly a different one) was featured in InStyle Magazine. And there was this one page featuring her sitting in front of her library chock full of books (those which she has actually read) and that image has stayed with me for some time. I will certainly have to check out this new issue.
    p.s. Love your site here. It has become a new daily haunt for me :)

  • HA… you’re so sweet, Holly. And THANK you, NYDAMPRESS! :)

  • Aw man, I don’t get this subscription anymore. Now, I’m gonna have to go buy it at my bookstore.

    LOVE the yellow bathroom. So prim and pretty!

  • I love her place! Sheesh… Red door and my heart swoons.

    Zinzi at Paper Airplane

  • drew rocks. now i see that her house does too. can’t wait to get my domino in the mail this month!
    thanks for sharing!

  • can i just say that i have a slight girl crush on drew?

  • Doesn’t Drew look a little bit like Holly, or Holly like Drew?!! I’m so jealous you get a sneak peek at this stuff, whilst the rest of us must wait with bated breath at the mailbox or the newsstand! I love Drew so can’t wait for this one.

  • I want to knock on that red door and have Drew invite me in for salad. She watches CNN at lunch which makes me love her even more.

  • I’m in Hawaii right now, but can I just say that I am looking forward to coming home just to get this out of my mailbox, sit on my frshly made bed and devour each page. I love Drew and I love Domino, so the combo can only be great.

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