charlene wright.

Whenever I’m a bit low in Inspiration Fuel, I click over to photographer Charlene Wright’s site, where there is DEFINITELY no shortage of inspiring aesthetics. I swear, when I look at these photos it’s like Bette Midler’s singing that crazy sad song from Beaches to me. [Yes, me.]

And for the record, I’m not delusional, just imaginative.

Anyway, I love reading her thoughts over at Electric Typewriter, her personal photo blog. She’s just one of those people that makes me smile [WHEN she updates, that is!].

Check out her work here, here, or here.

I know, another one of those multifaceted artists. You gals are NUTS! :)

  • Thanks for your comment! The feeling is totally mutual.

    These photos are incredibly gorgeous.

  • charlene and i used to work together in berkeley way back when….

  • very inspiring, the first photo really made me stop and slow down — thanks!
    – Jessie –

  • delusional, imaginative…it’s OK with me. :) I love your posts. I can’t stop laughing! My,My,My. Bette Middler singing to you.

    yes, this is wonderful photography. thanks for the link.

    and thanks for being –y’know. :)

  • this is GORGEOUS work. definitely a re-charge for the old inspiration well.

  • i love letting my mind go and just enjoying photos.. it is so relaxing and exciting at the same time.. i always feel better afterwards.. especially when the photos are this wonderful.. as usual.. great stoooff

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