coffee with jess gonacha.

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Jess Gonacha for coffee yesterday afternoon and am STILL floating on air. The gal is amazing, hands down. We gossiped about nuptials, art and life— as well as our favorite blogs (shh, not telling who’s on the list!).

I still find it amazing that we live in a world where relationships are literally at our fingertips— we are indeed very, very lucky.

Thank you, Jess [and Ryan], for your crazy amount of inspiration yesterday!

  • I’m so jealous she got to meet you in person, but of course I’ll continue to respect, admire and appreciate from afar! It is pretty amazing how we’re able to connect with people these days . . .

  • i agree! i have met so many creative, wonderful people online in the past few months: amazing people that i would be too shy or intimidated to meet in person. and it’s even more fun when you can meet them face-to-face after forming an “online relationship”. yay for the interwebs!

  • Just to confirm— she IS so sweet and SO funny. I just love her!!! :)

  • oh, erin! YOU are so sweet and funny, and i’m still giddy and smiling and talking with ryan about you!!! it was so great to meet you and i’m so thrilled that it worked out!!! serendipity, don’t you love it? and thanks again for featuring my work– i’ll be sending more little surprises your way…! :) have a great trip!

  • LOVE her work…I recently bought a print from her (thanks to one of your posts!) and she couldn’t have been sweeter in her emails back and forth with me. So nice that you got to meet her! :)

  • I’m so thrilled to find this wonderful artist! Love her “please send good into the world” drawing!! Thank you for sharing Erin:) xox..jenn

  • Sounds like a lovely meeting, I do love the relationships formed via the internet (I love jess, she has such a beautiful blog).

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