mimi jensen.

That’s right, Design for Mankind— still is BACK.

I remember learning about still life in like seventh grade, and painting that dang bowl of fruit OVER and OVER and OVER until I got it right, and even then my banana looked more like string cheese.

Alas, Mimi Jensen has finally managed to make still life look still-so-good.

I’m so in love with the composition here. I know I’m getting all fine artsy here, but I really can’t resist noting her bold use of texture here. Do I love? Yes, I love.

Thanks, Mimi, and I can’t wait to see the still life trend begin to rock 2008…

  • wow, her work is really stunning! there’s such a vibrancy in the color palette.

  • I’m Mimi Jensen and I stumbled upon your blog. It made my day!! Thanks.

  • OMG Mimi— I’m so flattered you stopped by! Thanks so much for visiting! :)

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