on my desk.

My good friend Kirsty invited me to play a game last Wednesday (ok let’s be honest— I TOTALLY invited myself) and I totally forgot to post it!

It’s called ‘On my desk’, and I can only hope you know the deets.

Yes, that’s right— post pictures of things. On. Your. Desk. Gracious, you smarties!

So, here’s my desk at my actual work. Yeah, you’ll notice a PC screen which I am still incredibly upset about. I’m an Appleholic and I’m not afraid to admit it. You can find pics of my home office right here, but to be totally honest, I never work there. It’s too pretty to mess up… ;)

If you want to join the fun, post pics of your desk and send the link to Kirsty— I’m sure she’d love to see them!

  • Your desk is so beautifully co-ordinated. I love it! The coffee cup is very cool. I didn’t get my “buzz” until 3pm today – it wasn’t pretty. Thanks for playing along.

  • love your blog! thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment:)

  • Everything matches at your desk! And nothing is out of place either! I’m too messy to play this game, I’m afraid. But ir’s great to see somebody else’s desk. My curiosity is unlimited :)

  • Pero que lindo, che!!!!!!!
    Great inspiration for me,I have to organize my desk.

  • if i posted pics of my desk, the fire dept. would come & take me away in hand cuffs.

  • yes, i love the stuff you have on your desk. the mouse pad is cool. when i have nice journals, notepads, etc. i don’t really use them ’cause i’m afraid to mess ’em up. so strange.

  • That coffe cup is terrific! hehe I can relate to the appleholisme , I have a big o’le ViewSonic which take up a third of my desk. Irk!

  • HA, you must know I had to clean it for the pics, yes, ladies??? ;)

    Thanks for your kind words anyway!

  • What a nice desk!!! My desk at home is too messy for this, as much as I’d love to take part! hahaha!

  • Krissy— OMG NO, but I’m going there RIGHT NOW!!! :) so excited!!! thanks for the link!

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