• I’m so sorry to bother you in comments, but could you email me please?

    laura at blogher dot com

    Thank you!

  • awesome photo. Oh- you have a beautiful house – saw it on design sponge this morning!

  • Love this photo and love, love, love your home, Erin! Just saw it on design sponge, too. You have such a fantastic collection of plates and what a creative way to display them…

  • thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment – I’ve been lurking around yours too for quite some time! :) Loved the plate collection over at d*s!

  • Absolutely fabulous…thanks for the inspiration.

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  • Haven’t been over to d*s yet but that’s my next stop. A virtual visit to Erin’s house – yay! I love this image; what is it that makes pieces with birds so great?

  • Awww! I’d love to look out my window and see this…wonder how noisy they are :)


  • Oh my goodness— you are all WAY too sweet! Thanks for your kind comments re: my home. I owe it to so many of you for the inspiration… truly! :)

    Love to you all.

  • gorgeous photo. and i saw your design sponge feature! i’m in awe. your modernized take on victorian beauty is so clever and creative. i am most inspired.

  • I love this picture : )

    Great sneak peak over at design sponge too!


  • OOOHH, your choice of photos is always, always BEATIFUL !! Such a poetry in this one … LOVE ! Congratulations to the photographer (i’m going to see his work) Thanks !

  • hey girl! It’s hard to type while i’m drooling over your gorgeous bedroom wall!
    i LOVE your sneek peek at design sponge!!!

  • Love your blog, and thank you for your comment on mine. A big hug from Buenos Aires! Silvina from decortherapia.

  • One more question: how did you reach my blog. I�m so new and sooo far away from averyone…

  • Ahhhh, you are all WAY too nice!!! Thanks so much for your sweet words, once again! :) What an encouraging community we are all a part of… :)

  • It almost looks like those birds are painted onto the side of that building – so pretty!

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