there’s no place like home.

Design for Mankind reader Jen pointed me toward Shimelle’s fantastic online courses this morning and I’ve been dying to sign up. ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ is an online class that starts on Monday, the 24th of March. Starting that day, participants will receive 25 prompts via email—a prompt every day Monday through Friday, with weekends free by popular request.

Each project will focus on your definition of home, with more details right here.

I love LOVE to learn, so I’m so excited that Shimelle has incorporated a way to incorporate her love for design into an educational experience that is both personalized AND affordable. The class is just $20 UNLESS you comment right here, right now for TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE CLASS!

Ready, set… go!
[edit: 2H Design and Olive are the winners— b/c 2H Design looks as if she’d LOVE this class, and Olive has the coolest name in the world! Ladies— email me your email addresses so I can forward them to Shimelle today! CONGRATS!!!]

  • I’ve never heard of this before – it’s such a great idea! I’d love to try it out.

  • What a great idea and a great blog. *bookmarked! Thanks for sharing. I always find such great things from you!

  • oh man, how AWESOME is this? i have to go check it out!!! And $20? What a steal!

  • No worries, Jude— you’re still in it. The most CREATIVE comment wins! :)

  • I think this would be so inspiring. It would be a great opportunity to step back and look at those things I’m lucky to have that surround me at home. I would love to take this class! Cassie

  • shimelle has such awesome classes! i’ve been waiting for this one forever!!

  • Wow, I’m so not a commenter, but this is too cool. I’m loving this blog, just started coming here actually. I hope I wiiiiiin!

  • Shimelle’s link sent me here…I love Shimelle and her classes and will be signing up for this one…right now I need to go read more of this blog!

  • I’d love to take one of Shimelles classes.(Closes eyes)….PLEASE LET IT BE ME…..please let it be me….

  • I would love to take this course. After the birth of my daughter I have wanted to document our daily life in a different medium. The everyday tasks fly by and never stay close in the memory. By creating things daily I will have things that 20 years down the road she will have and can see the beauty in everyday living.

    Thank you for this opportunity and making this great site known!

  • I just discovered your blog and have spent WAY too much time here tonight… lol… thank you for everything!!

  • I totally love Shimelle’s stuff. I’ve been waiting for pay day to come around so I can sign up for this class (without feeling guilty that I’m spending my kids food money on selfinduldgent craftiness! LOL). Two free tickets would definitely ease the guilt – and I could bring a buddy along to give me a good prod when I’m not keeping up – so everyone’s a winner ;)


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