amy marcella.

I just received the cutest email from textile designer Amy Marcella, letting Design for Mankind readers know she’s just added a new [and quite cute, if I might provide my own commentary!] pillow to her Etsy shop.

I find it so, so adorable, and her styling is just fantastic. You’re on your way, Ms. Amy!

Click here to shop her Etsy line, or click here to read the latest on Amy via her blog.
  • lovley cushions! can I just say how much i also love the (new?) illustration in the design for mankind banner. maybe it’s not new but i only noticed it last week and love it!

  • I’ll take the whole thing – the pillow, the Bertoia chair and the wild flowers. Perfect.


    And thank you, dear Mizu! Not new at all, but thanks for the compliment! :)

  • I love fun pillows! Now I have a couple more fun blogs to visit as well- yours and hers. thanks!

  • i agree – love her pillows and there’s nothing shy about her scalloping!

  • This is such a sweet piece on such a lovely artist. Thank you for sharing!!

  • I love that scalloping on her pillows! Details details but I love them!

    Happy day Erin!!!!


  • i love that map behind the chair, so cool! thanks for sharing. xoxo

  • i love that black and white print on the wall above the wire chair! who did it?

  • HA, you guys are so cute! And yeah, Annie— I’m dying to know the same thing!


  • thanks everyone!
    the black and white print is by me! It’s a woodblock that was pressed by a steamroller on the street last summer. I am now well aquainted with a router.

  • amy’s work makes me happy! i love the photos too! thanks so much for sharing! i hope that you’re having a nice time in LA ;)

  • I love her pillows!! Thanks for posting, I would have never found this otherwise (Etsy is like a never ending rabbit warren!! I love it though!)

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