i’m baaaaaaaaack [and then some].

Whew. This weekend was a whirlwind for me and I haven’t had much sleep, so pardon any spelling/grammatical errors, or any ramblings. I’m known for the ramblings when I haven’t slept, and oh look— there’s one right there.

Anyway, I’m still going through your fantastic emails and life stories you’ve all posted re: the Roadmaps series, but among the masses was an email that I couldn’t wait to open! My dear Jena from Modish sent me a note that her one year anniversary for the shoppe is upon us (has it REALLY been that long, Jena?!?!)!!! In honor of the Modish success, she’s giving all Design for Mankind readers a FABULOUS discount code for FREE SHIPPING on ANY PRODUCT! Simply enter Happy1st in the promo code box at checkout. But hurry— offer is only good until April 10th, so get right on that fast!!!

And p.s. Ms. Jena has added her work to the mix at Modish with some phenomenal jewelry. I’m totally jonesing on these earrings, but someone got them first. Dang you, you person with the fabulous earrings!!!

In case you’re wondering, I’ve already mentally shopped and spent a fortune at Modish— on this, this, and this. Good thing my imagination loves to shop, cause whew, my reality wallet can’t take the pains!

  • gee, i kinda missed you there for a bit. don’t tell anyone though. PS. in keeping with your roadmap series I’ve been inspired to post my experience at the first Brooklyn Flea this past sunday. thanks :)

  • You missed me?!?! Oh good, I thought I was the only one who experienced online withdrawal— my fingers have been typing posts in my sleep!

    SO glad to be back with you all, ladies… I missed YOU! :)

  • i’m glad you’re back too!
    and it was a nice surprise to find my print here this morning – thanks a lot!
    cheers, jen

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