inspiration e-zine: issue four.

Good morning, Design for Mankind!!! I’m thrilled to present yet another dose of Inspiration– now in its FOURTH issue! In case you’ve missed Issues 1-3, find them right here, available for a free PDF download.

If you’re new to the site, Inspiration is a FREE montly e-zine dedicated to inspiration in its various forms. This month’s issue is entitled “Inspiration in the Unexpected,” and pays homage to the idea that inspiration is everywhere— you need only open your eyes.

Again, special thanks to all contributors— you guys totally blew me away. And a BIG thank you to Dasha, who created this issue’s cover image!

Lastly, thank YOU, readers. For inspiring me daily.

Click here to download Inspiration: Issue Four in a PDF format.
OR, peruse the e-zine online [NEW!] right here at Issuu [thanks for the tip, Mary!].

Love to you all.
[Taking the day off, but I’ll be back with many more inspiring links tomorrow!]

  • this just made my morning SO much more tolerable. love the inspirations! THANK YOU!

  • you’re a gem! the magazine looks fabulous, and I’m honored to be a part of it. my love to you!

  • It just keeps getting better!
    looking forward to another one already ;)

  • hey erin.. just got around to reading this issue.. it really is great.. thanks for the smiles.. i had a ‘biking accident’ a couple of days ago and still managed to get to work and do my thangg .. i am on the mend now.. why did i just tell you that? hhaa.. sorry.. head injuries make you do ‘funny’ things.. great work erin
    ps- there is nothing better than finding $$ in clothes you have not worn in a long time.. i just recently found 2 $20 bills.. but they were from home (canada).. not much good to me here right now

  • Goody! I was passing by and surprise, it’s back. Thanks for this fresh dose of inspiration

    (and thanks for your visit!)

  • They are just gorgeous. Looks great on issuu. So admire this project.

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