nina van de goor.

You probably recognize the name from the latest issue of Inspiration, the eZine (p.s. Issue #4 will be released tomorrow!!!), where this photo of Nina’s home nook left me itching for more of her fabulousness.

Never one to disappoint, Nina has opened her very own Etsy shop TODAY, filled to the brim with her beautifully crafted ceramics. At just $36-$38, these pieces are a TOTAL steal if you’re a lover of handmade bowls.

Congratulations on the exciting news, Nina; I can’t wait to see your new business bloom! :)

  • Those bowls are fantastic! Congrats and best wishes to Nina! oh did I mention Hooray for e-zine #4?!!!

  • oh wow! those ARE very well priced for how beautiful they are! i’m very impressed!

  • Seriously. And as if I need any more reasons to love NINA! :)

  • Nina is one of my faves!!! I always love to see the new additions to her lovely home and am thrilled she went for it with an etsy shop!

    These are gorgeous…Go Nina!

  • These are, indeed, lovely. And have I mentioned how obsessed I am with bowls? I’m stopping by her shop pronto.

  • Beautiful! Love their charming shapes–heading over there now . . .

  • i love these bowls. i’m off to check out her shop right now! thanks again for the wonderful tip!

  • Nina has a great blog and she is very creative.
    The bowls are wonderful.

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