• Totally hot! But…the guy in the second row – second from the left with his hands by his mouth…I had to get real close to my computer screen and squint real hard…b/c he looks A LOT like my ex-ish husband. And I still can’t figure out if that’s him or not. Nah.

  • Yes, I like to call him my ex-ish or s.t.b. ex-h (soon to be ex-husband). ba ba boowwwww. as you can see he was hot…but, hot does not a soulmate make. I write a lot about it on my blog. Eh well..whatchagonnado?

  • Awww. :( If you need a sounding board, I’m here [ha, in private]. That is a tough, tough thing, Ms. Jozette.

  • aw, thank you. that’s really sweet. I ALWAYS need a soundboard haha. Luckily, he and I have remained friends in spite of it all. I even emailed him that image and said…umm…is this you?

  • Yowza! I’m kind of liking the soulful eyes of the hirsute one with the fur (or faux fur) collar.

  • Hm…I’d like them all too please.

    Did the quote refer to the hoods or the guys? Because I thought you meant the guys and that just shows my thinking process.

  • i’ve been behind in my google reader—just now saw that you posted this. i love that you did. haha.

  • hahahah OH MARGINS. You funny girl. :)

    And becca– of course! I think it’s fantastic!

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