• Sheep are awesome, and so is this pillow. I seriously want a sheep one day, or at least live in Ireland on a sheep farm for a year.

  • I love your site and these products. Do you have a “storefront” which you are selling from? I know of an amazing website that I think your beautiful selection of art should be on…http://nonprofitshoppingmall.com/shop/index/207. This link will take you to a “green” crafts page. Take a look…Oh btw the best thing about the above mentioned site is that every time you purchase something a percent goes to the nonprofit of your choice. I know a lot of artists who would like that concept!

  • Great concept, Mire— although I don’t make these products, I just find them! :)

  • i love feed the dog’s printed cushions. she’s a great artist and has a wonderful collaborative spirit too. yay for her!

  • OMG .. thanks for featuring my fave fourlegged gal! i think her name is agnes .. not entirely sure ,,, and thankyou to all for your comments… mmmm.. what a nice surprise for the day…

  • you have a wonderful blog with great links; I love this pillow!

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