this week in inspiration: 4.7.08 to 4.11.08.

10. Craft Mafia is officially in item. Special thanks to Pamela, Fanie and Valerie. You are all so, so inspiring.
9. ‘The Sea, The Surge, and The Seamstress,’ an exhibition by the ever-talented Samantha Lamb, coming up in two weeks in NYC. Mark your calendar now; details here.
8. Lisa Solomon explores the robot as a cultural icon. Fascinating. Details here.
7. A fantastic concept from Grrrl Zines A Go-Go— a SoCal-based workshop group dedicated to the empowerment of young women through self-published works. Ladies— I salute you!
6. Lili Hayden lends a string for human rights— we’re listening, Lili. Play on!
5. Who says New York has the hottest art scene in the states? [Ok, maybe they do…]. The west coast play catch up with L.A. Art Weekend— starting today!
4. Beate Gutschow: the artist’s first monograph pays homage to humankind’s celebration of nature and “our ceaseless desire to control it.” A fantastic read, really.
3. The Construct project by Laura Kicey; a series of places that don’t exist.
2. Interview with the lovely Kate James (my top pick for ‘Most Likely to Succeed’, Class of 2010).
1. The ever-talented Oscar Diaz has done it again— this time with a stitch [or ink] in time. [Scroll down his site to view the loveliest calendar this side of the century.]

  • i love that – Craft Mafia! why didn’t i think of that and i’m italian? have a lovely weekend!

  • OMG Erin!!! I just finished E-zine #3… I’ve loved each one but this one is by far my absolute favorite!!! You are doing an incredible job – would you mind if I link to it on my blog next week?

  • Awww, you are so sweet, Shauntelle! I wouldn’t mind a bit. ;)

  • thank you for the kind mention…

    hope you are having a fab weekend!

  • Ohhh love your inspirational links for the weekend! Thank you sweetie!!

  • thank you so much for mentioning me. what a fantastic blog you have. you are the inspiration!

  • I am so psyched to see Laura on here!!! I met her briefly at a party 2 years ago (maybe more) and really loved her construct series. She’s uber talented and the nicest!

  • I swear, Kati— you are like Kevin Bacon of the BlogWorld— just how many connections DO you have? :)

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