• ha ha!!! LOVE this theme. I actually have fridge envy. I bet any of those containers have better vittles than the leftover fish sticks, peas & pasta in my fridge.

  • At least you have food in your fridge. Mine is pretty much empty :)

  • HA— thanks. I’ll have to count my blessings, yes? :)

  • in Italy is possible to have empty fridge because you need just to have “spaghetti+olio d’oliva+ aglio(garlic)+ peperoncino(HotChili)” and you’ll feel very very happy! You are all invited!!

  • Reminds me of the Lorelei’s fridge from the Gilmore Girls :)

  • Oops, please mentally erase the extra ‘the’ :)

  • HAHAHA— italy must be my kinda place!

    And oh gosh, cat— it totally does!

  • I’ sorry but I’ll traslate you somethinks…”The plant of slippers” a kids open-story with open end..and I like open-design.
    See you again for pasta!!!

  • Great Scotts!!! I can’t believe our fridgerators are similar. Don’t believe it? I snapped a picture for you – visit the blog!

    I am such a freak about putting leftovers or carry out meals back into their packaging and sitting them in the fridge rather than the trash can. What can I say…I have my quirks (issues). I’m working on this habit though as I tend to regulate the fridge when company is around and it’s not cool.

    What a great post…rockstar (smile)!!!

  • I think you are very brave :) My fridge is somewhat similar, but I would be too freaked out to show it.

  • That is ridiculous. I am coming to drop off a full homemade meal for you stat.

  • Ha ha, I love this and recently linked to a real simple post about the contents of your drawer – it must be blogger serendipity!

  • i’m concerned about the angle of that one container.it looks like it might slip and you’ll have a food collage on the floor and on your shoes.

    i totally agree about the guitar and want to learn to play, too! but, i don’t want to get old looking hands, so i’m waiting until they’re naturally old. not too much longer!

  • I saw Jo’s post and I have to say…your’s was my absolute favorite hands down. I laughed out loud when I saw it and thought…boy that fridge looks familiar (resembles mine so closely).

    I need to take guitar lessons. I stared playing about 5 years ago and am what you would call {air quote} self taught {air quote} and {air quote} not very good {end air quote}. But it’s soooo fun.

  • Thank you so much for not fancying up your fridge for this blog post feature. I love that you were so straight up. We need more of that here in blog world.

  • You know what, Whit? You’re RIGHT! We do need more honesty.

  • Jozette— your air quotes are simply hilarious.

    And Cindy— I know! You’re totally right. ;)

  • that is hysterical. ours is stocked with red bull sugar free (for me) rockstar for my husband and enough steak and fish to satisfy a family of 8 (yes, just the two of us… we love our proteins)

    we should absolutely do more of this – and I too love the honesty!

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