inspiration e-zine: issue five.

That’s right— yet another FREE and fabulous e-zine from Design for Mankind… now in its FIFTH ISSUE!

This month is all about inspiration in nature— from your neck of the woods to overseas, inspiration is everywhere. Special thanks to all of you LOVELY contributors… we’ve got some great ones this month!

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[taking tuesday off— exhausted! will be back in action wednesday in full swing!]
  • ‘Wow’ is just not a good enough response to such an amazing e-zine. I honestly didn’t think your Inspiration editions could get any better. I absolutely LOVE the new format and artists that you have featured this month. We just arrived home from our Memorial Day weekend trip so I’m going to take my time to read it word-for-word in the morning. But Erin, it’s going to be the perfect start to the week as I sit with a cup of coffee and read. Congrats!


  • this is my first look at one of your e-zines…i am so impressed erin! i am on my way over to look at your others.. oh you. you are an inspiration! thank you!

  • Awww, thank you, ladies! Yes, the new format is a change, so I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it, Kylie!

    It was quite fun to compile. :)

    All thanks to the contributors!

  • The e-zine looks awesome. Super fun issue. I’m so proud to be a tiny part of it. Thanks!

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous, Erin! Thanks so much for letting me be apart of it.

  • it’s my firs time reading the e-zine, it’s amazing, the pictures are amazing, and the format is amazing, i will go and have look to the previuos ones ;)

  • I’m always eagerly anticipating your monthly zines and this issue is one of my favourites. I love images of nature. Fabulous work, Erin!

  • Thank you! That was my first time. It’s beautiful. And I love the theme, nature.

    The images are beautiful and gentle. Like the music by Carla Bruni, Kristin Hersh, Elysian Fields. This sort of thing brings me the kind of feeling I call nature and nostalgia. Poetic and organic and touching. There is wisdom in the earth. :)

    I invite you check out my latest posts, photographs from my weekend trip to Bohol. The Beach and The River.

    Thanks again for sharing! ♥

  • love love love love love!! (whoa, sorry, was that a little too forward, i mean we’ve never even met! lol.) so gorgeous, this one took it to a whole new level of amazing. i think the way it is accessible and navigable online is so cool too. well done.

  • Oh Erin, It’s magnificent! Everytime I visit your blog, I’m amazed! So wonderful. Enjoy your much deserved day off :)

  • Wow wow wow. So amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this for free! Truly inspiring.

  • The mag is beautiful, as always. Big thanks and love for sharing it with the world!


  • Very nice! Nature really is so inspiring, and these photos are beautiful :)

  • Miss Erin! I LOOOOOVE it, my favorite one yet! :)
    <3 jena

    ps: I really think you should start charging for these or figure out another way to make some moola from them…you well deserve to be paid for all the work you put into them. Just a thought!

  • Oh Erin, IT’S GORGEOUS! I love it – every single page is beautifully photographed and written. Thanks so much for this.

    (PS: I agree with ms modish about charging.)

  • breath. take. ing.

    it’s just…effortlessly brilliant. and while i completely understand there is surely nothing effortless in the whole darn thing…wow. it’s good.

  • It’s so nice and inspiring to have text directly from the artist to accompany the images.

  • Sounds exciting – can’t wait to dig in – enjoy your day off!

  • Awww, thank you so so much you guys! Yall are the sweetest readers in the entire world. Truth.

    Jena and Krissy— I’ll see what I can do. ;) My main focus is to make the zine accessible for everyone (read: FREE!), but maybe we can work something out! ;)

  • Erin, this is seriously the best one yet — I love it! And I think it has even reached coffee-table-book status. :)
    – Jessie –

  • i agree with the ezine love expressed by everyone else. the new format is great as are all of the included artists.

    in particular, elsita mora does the most amazing things with petals a leaves. i adore her work.

  • you know i love your zines! so much! you should get published girl!

  • erin! this is amazing. you really have out-done yourself!! how is that possible!? wonderful!

  • votre site, votre travail est une vraie mine d’or… ravie d efaire votre connaissance!!

  • votre site, votre travail est une vraie mine d’or… ravie d efaire votre connaissance!!

  • Erin, what a wonderful work ! thank you, thank you, thank you for all the inspiration

  • Awww thank you again you guys! You are the best people ever.

  • I can’t wait to print this out! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • This is just beautiful – Thankyou! And I love the new format – much easier on my computer.

  • This is so lovely, Erin. Thank you for making this available to us all. You are a generous soul!!

  • Erin, the new format is great and this Ezine is really touching.
    I laugh and cry easily, so, your ezine had made me wept.

  • sheer gorgeousness as always ~ a heartfelt thank you to those who share their inspiration and to you for pulling it all together so beautifully and sharing it with us!

  • Whoooo Hoooo!!! Can’t wait to read it…and look at you getting all professional-like with the cover. Pretty sharp Erin! Kudos!

  • Erin:

    I have goose bumps…it’s absolutely stunning! You have definitely found your calling.

  • This is my first time taking a look at your amazing e-zine!! It is beautifully presented and the images and words from that huge range of people is inspiring. Thanks so much for having this on offer :)

  • Erin…Thanks so much for including me in this month’s issue. The new format is awesome! Rebecca :)

  • This issue was just as fabulous as the others. Such lovely visuals and thought provoking comments

    Thanks for the email.

  • I’m so sorry that I’m just now commenting. This summer seems to be flying by!

    Anyway, I want to thank you so much for featuring me in your e-zine! It looks wonderful!

  • Hmmmm …. I put my url in my comment, but for some reason it’s linking to your profile. Or someone’s, anyway. Don;t know what’s up with that. We’ll try again just because I’m anal like that :)

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