• Shower stories . . . what tales they could tell!

    Her portfolio is amazing.

  • Reminds me of myself getting ready for work – the last moment of peace I’ll have in the day.

  • Love this photo.

    PostScript: Thanks for the warm welcome into the blog world.

    Your banner still kills me. Love it to death. One of my all time favorites.

  • Peace! That’s what it is!

    And thank you, Margins! I so wish I could take credit for the banner, but I don’t have an illustrative bone in my body, so my dear friend Rebecca Horwood created it for me!

    I have no doubt she’ll be uber-famous someday. She’s a dear. :)

  • oh….i love this one. this is my every morning, sometimes late afternoons and an occassional evening.

    ah life.

  • Her portfolio is wonderful. A combination of whimsy and great style.

  • I find it hard to capture these type of feelings with photos of guys, good find!

  • Ah! It takes me back in time, I used to stay at hotel carter in NY 10-11 years ago, because it was the cheapest one in the city!
    Great pic!

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