print of the day [part deux]: blowing bubbles.

“the pot bubbleth over with hotness.”

$40 from Gavin Bunner at LPP.

  • I love this one, too, Jude!!!! :)

    And gracious, you could say dirty socks in French and it would sound like a ballad.

  • Thanks for your lovely comment, it really cheered me up! Your blog is so beautiful, I`ll link to you on my blog..

  • ah i needed this image in my life right this moment, was feeling like a big bubble of frustrated energy, and this helped me put it all in a new context. :) thank you

  • Aww, I’m so happy this has inspired you, Liason!!! Thank you for your beautiful comment! ;)

  • Oh my! This is marvelous. You know how to pick them! I feel like I could comment on every single one of your entries. ;)

  • This is fantastic. I want to buy it and hang it on my wall and then tell everyone that I made it.


  • For some reason the picture is not coming up for me, but it sounds like a good one:(

  • for some reason i missed this post! thanks lady for putting gavin’s work up…xo

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