• That’s it. I want a play suit. I must have a play suit. Days were so much simpler back in the day, when I had a play suit. That is probably why life is so complicated when you get older. You start wearing work suits instead of play suits.

  • Nice nice nice…
    I love the PLAYSUIT concept – who wouldn’t, no?

  • I just can’t love this. All I can see is my grandma, too tan, in a suit like this (but terry) with heels and gin on the rocks. It’s just to Quebecoise grandma for me.

  • I wish I had a playsuit for every day of the week! And I love TopShop!

  • whoa – fantastic colour! don’t know if I could pull off a playsuit like this one, though…

  • I went to an all girl school and this is very nostalgic to my gym uniform. It was the exact color and style although ours has a collar and short sleeves/

  • I’m kinda with E,here. Though now, I see Sarah Jessica Parker in this with bright pink stilettos and a cigerette:)

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