• congrats on another great interview! we’re learning so much about you and you haven’t completed your own “daily” yet! the blog looks interesting, too.

  • Ha, I’ll see what I can do, Cindy! I dont think my daily is quite as interesting as you’d think! :)

  • Great interview Erin! I think that the way you make relationships with people is one of your blogs best assets. I just became a blogger in March and you were the blogger to comment almost daily. It’s quite encouraging and sweet :) Even if you didn’t comment, I’d still be stalking your blog every day like before, but now it feels like “friends”. You’re awesome girl!

    PS- you’re 24?!

  • awesome interview, darling!! keep me posted on your illustration-endeavors! have you thought about playing *illustration friday*? think about it!!

  • super fab Erin! I give my vote for your own “daily”…. give us more!

  • you look SO PRETTY in that photo!! Hey, guess what? Ryan and I may be coming back to CA in June……!!!!!

  • oh, how nice, and well deserved! congratulations on the great press, Erin!

  • Wooo — congrats sweetie! :D
    And *ahem* I left a comment over there for you. Shhh.

  • Congrats, you full time blogger, you! No wonder I come by a day or two late and have missed a million posts! You are amazing!!

    Happy weekend!

  • Oh Erin! You are so beautiful!

    You deserve all the success in the world, the blog certainly brings me joy and inspires me every day


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