this week in inspiration: 05.19.08 to 05.23.08.

10. This week, there is beauty in the homeless.
9. The Bubble Project [thanks, Andrew!].
8. A clock photo for every minute of every day.
7. ‘Being not truthful works against me.’ One of the most surreal installations I’ve seen.
6. Craft Mafia and Fringe Bazaar. Eek!
5. Shadow casting panels. Watch the video [thanks, Drzach and Suchy!].
4. Mike Sacks takes fascinating photos of his TV.
3. He took a Polaroid every day until the day he died.
2. The heart behind the art: SpoonFedGallery and its true meaning.
1. FREE Dwell on Design tickets offered to Design for Mankind readers. Enter here with offer code ‘BDODEC’ [thanks, Cory!].

  • I think this is one of the best friday inspiration posts yet! That shadow casting panel thing totally blows my mind :) And the “being not truthful” installation- OMG! Thanks for posting all of these goodies.

  • Awww, thanks, Krissy— there is one talented world out there! :)

  • Hi! my favorite is the bubble project! I laugh a lot and very very loud! thanks.

  • where, exactly, do we enter the code to get free DoD tickets online? I’ve been wanting to go so badly but am on a college budget (read: dirt poor).

  • Hi Ashi! Click through to the exhibition page and check out with the code… let me find you a specific link. ;)

  • Hi I was wondering the same thing as Ashi. I tried putting in all my information and the “priority code,” but it still says I owe money. Help please!? =) Thanks, this looks terrific.

  • Hi Cathy—

    Are you under the exhibition only link? I think the conference fee is still full-price.

    If you email me, I can definitely order one for you with the info— or make sure you’re clicking on the correct link.

    [email protected].

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, gals! :)

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