I’m a tired little bee today, which is a good thing b/c it means I went outside this weekend. In case you don’t know me well enough, I’m a total homebody and all too often pass through Saturday and Sunday in sweatpants and delivery food.

But this weekend? This weekend, I biked. I shopped. I ate. I traveled. I played. I ate. I ate more. So much in fact that it’s a good thing I didn’t wear my sweatpants this weekend, b/c I needed them for today when my pants aren’t quite zipping.

Anyway, part of the festivities included the Dwell on Design conference, Craft Mag launch party and a trip to Reform School, where Billie and Tootie dished on their homemade wallpaper and a certain fabulous designer’s upcoming nuptials in which a parachute wedding dress will debut!

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and signing off to work on Mankind Mag in silence. I promise I’ll release some details later, but for now I’ll just say that I’m VERY excited and mark your calendars for June 30th. ;)

Love to you all.

  • sounds like the “mover and shaker” part of you emerged this weekend. love reform school. enjoy your peace & quiet.

  • Calendar is marked! CAN”T WAIT!

    I’m so glad you had such a packed weekend :) Fun, fun!

  • I love this picture…LOVE! Did you take it?

    And Reform School…I’m jealous, SO jealous.

    And the calendar is marked!

  • Reform School is my FAVORITE!!!
    I want to hear more about this homemade wallpaper.

    And I can’t wait to hear more about the magazine…..
    My calendar is marked!

  • Am jealous! I want to go some launch parties. And also launch magazines. And wear sweatpants.

  • you know lady, i live right by reform school! too bad i didnt know you were there! i would of walked down to say hello!

  • Kelly: You do? Eeeh, I should have visited you!

    And Lil Bee— I didn’t take it, but if you click on it the link will take you to the photographer! :)

  • erin, i’m so glad you got outside! and the calendar is duly marked. good luck.

  • I love that photo. Enjoy the quiet & I’ll look forward to 30 June.

  • Oh, I am so waiting! Enjoy the silence and take time to breathe :) Sweats and All!

  • I need some sweats too. Sounds like you had a fun and productive weekend!

  • Such a weekend for sure is exhausting, but it’s also a source for new creativity I guess :)
    The photo is beautiful.

  • go girl!!!! YAY for an action packed weekend!
    love the picture too, is that you? :)

  • Busy bee! I’m the same way…loving some delivery food, sweatpants, and couch…oh and faithful laptop. Excited for your mag release…you should have a blog party!

  • THANK YOU! I’m so excited, too, and if I knew how to do a blog release party, I would! :)

    And no, Thereza— it’s a flickr find! If you click on the pic you can find the photographer. ;)

  • hmm so eager, so eager.

    Hope you’re having a nice chill day. (i’ll probably shoot you an email though, just to say hi haha) And kudos for getting out there this weekend!! good for you!

  • Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! Hope you had fun and didn’t get too stressed out :)

  • I loved your last edition of Inspiration and now you’ve got us all curious as to what’s in store for Mankind Mag. I’m sure it will be brilliant!


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