• This is Jon Armstrong’s work! Of Blurbomat, husband to Dooce.

  • GreenCanary – you beat me to the punch. I totally recognized this from Dooce’s blog! I love this photograph. Jon just opened up his Etsy shop and I think Heather (look at me going on like we’re all BFF) is opening one soon too. Hooray!

  • “Husband to Dooce.” I’m quite sure the poor soul gets that all the time. ;)

    Anytime, Jon— FANTASTIC debut. :)

  • I didn’t mean that in a bad way! If it was her photograph, I would have said “wife to Blurb.” Now I feel bad :-( Sorry Jon Armstrong!

  • Awww, I know you didn’t dearie! I’m sure he’s quite used to it by now. ;)

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