reader profiles: hila from australia.

Today’s reader profile is a total smarty-pants currently enrolled in university seeking a PhD. As intelligent as she is, however, Hila just can’t seem to figure out how to stop falling in love with fictional characters… can we help her out? ;)

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  • HiHi is there any woman out there without a weak spot for Darcy? Love reading the reader profiles!

  • i can’t imagine life without mr. darcy. i too would love to know which ones….i guess we too are “curious.” great profile…

  • Hi everyone!
    I guess being a Wuthering Heights fan people would expect me to say Heathcliff, but I’ve always thought he was the kind of guy you’d get a restraining order against. There is of course Darcy and Rochester, however my favourite crush is Mitya from Once Upon the River Love by Andrei Makine. This is an innocent crush though, rather than a lust-based one (he’s a bit too young):)

  • I quite fancy Maxim from Rebecca. Just read a synopsis from Penguins site for Hila’s favourite by Makine, I’ll be getting it for my plane journey – thanks for the tip.

  • I met Hila for a comment in another another blog, and inmediately I found that she was a very interesting person and very kind too. Being curious is a quality that we need to keep ever, is the thing that keep us alive and makes everything has sense. Thanks for this post!

  • you are not alone in falling in love with fictional characters.

    i once had a major crush with optimus prime from the transformers…and he’s a robot!

  • HAHAHA I love reading all of your comments! I, unfortunately, dont’ fall in love with the characters, but with the writers. Eek.

    Loved Roald Dahl for A DECADE.

    Thank you, Hila— we love you! :)

  • what about astro boy??
    this was a real fun profile! i especially liked the comment about the jewish female! haha.. andrea is kind of jewish (whatever that means..) and i think she is feeling a bit of the same when it comes the to kitchen.. but maybe i was supposed to be a jewish woman?? hahaha my creative calling maybe?
    take care and thanks for letting us into your life!
    stay curious!

  • Well done, the interview is superb and she certainly has the character xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • This little look into her life makes me want to meet her, have coffee and chat about devilishly attractive fictional characters! I’m a Darcy and Rochester fan as well… *sighs*

    Thank you for this!

  • i suffer from something similar, it’s the helpless-enamour-with-a-member-of-the-band-at-their-gig syndrome. i always always fall in love with some member of the band at their concert… once i even fell for robert smith :S i could swear he was looking straigh at me…

  • Thanks for your kind comments everyone – especially you Rina! And Julia, we can have cyber-coffee :)

    Heidi – I think my hair looked that shiny because of the camera angle!

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