road rage cards.

Not sure how I feel about actually using these— but, I’d love to hang a few of them on my wall.

[thanks, cnn!]
  • a few of those cards would have come in handy about 9:15 this morning!

  • Ooh yes, for when annoying people sit right on my tail!! I cannot stand it! Although, I feel these may attract more tailgating just to aggravate me more! hehe.

    I have tagged you, please see my blog for info xx

  • Hahaha! One of the Augusten Burroughs books, “Possible Side Effects” I think has an entire chapter dedicated to his friend having a notebook and writing things like this to people and holding it up during times of road rage!! Now I need to get home and find it….

  • cheeky, I love it, it would want to be big just so they don’t miss it!

  • These are great!!! I don’t know if I’d have the courage to actually leave them on someone’s car though ;)

  • My choice of Road Rage sayings would be a little bit more “Colorful” if you know what mean. A lot of this #@!$&#*!!! going on.

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