style pick of the day: rollerskate date top.

“if you wear this, billy will totally dedicate ‘blowing kisses in the wind’ to you.”

$22.99 from modcloth.

  • this IS a cute shirt…
    and yes.. i am a boy…
    a boy with a cute girlfriend named andrea gray!
    great shirt erin.. its so damm hot here right now that i need a shirt that is made of the thinnest possible material.. my oldest shirts and super old goodwill finds and doing ok for now..
    was that really just a goodwill bragg? haha.. sorry for the ramble erin..
    take care and viva la design for mankind

  • It is so cute and simple.. I love it, too. And completely affordable.. Great find. kayce

  • holy moly. how did you know that I was looking for this exact shirt? I have never seen it in real life but I designed it in my mind as the shirt I want to own!! Now the dream is a reality!

  • HA, thanks— you guys are totally right— it’s the perfect simple tee for a saturday afternoon day!

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