• Holy moly, this is the THIRD post I read today that talks about Penguin books (all different topics). Is that some sort of omen?

  • isn’t that an intriguing title? May have to look into that one. I don’t think I am a penguin, but…

  • I love learning about the ideas behind book cover design — when I worked at a publishing company it was one of the most interesting departments!

  • I love love love this! Definitely going on my must-buy list. My best friend works at Penguin and has funneled me loads of great books over the last 10 years. They’re stacked on my shelf in piles of orange and white (mostly), and I just love how they look!

  • I love this book, it has occupied a spot on my bookshelf for a while. Speaking of books, do you dig Tin Tin, Erin?

  • This is a cool idea…my parents have like 40 of these books on their shelves and I’ve always loved the pop of orange that they bring…cool post!

  • Erin,
    Growing up in India, Herge (illustrator)’s Tin TIn series was a favorite. You can find them at most Barnes and Nobles. Its a lovely illustrated comic series about lovable investigator TIn TIn, his goofy dog Snowy and the crazy characters like the super intelligent Professor Calculus who can’t hear a thing, the eternally potty mouthed Captain Haddock (billions of blistering barnacles et al)

    You can see some covers here http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/tintin and you can read the entire scanned version of one of my favorites (The blue lotus) here:


  • WOWZA! I had no idea! Thanks for the introduction, Amrita! I simply MUST check this out! :)

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