double take: p.s. i love you.

No, I really do. ;) Kylie‘s back in action with another great double take to share with us! In case you’re unfamiliar, Kylie from Bandelle brings us fabulous posts every other Wednesday entitled “Double Take,” where she re-creates her favorite rooms from the big screen! Check out Kylie’s former posts right here, and read on! This one’s a goodie… [thanks, Kylie!]—

Talk about a tear jerker! I probably cried more while reading Cecelia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You, but the screenwriters made enough changes to the story to keep me interested. And of course the apartment that Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) fought over in the first scene was icing on the cake. We’ll see what we can do to recreate the look…

The architectural details give this New York City apartment so much charm, with its extra-wide doorways taking your line of sight across the entire apartment, transom windows above those doorways, slender pillars, and exposed brick on the fireplace and bedroom walls. Now why were they fighting again? One of Holly and Gerry’s discussions took place around a bedside lamp and although I haven’t found a base, the mumm lampshade from Lights Up! is very similar. The Nantucket iron bed topped with the pick-stitch quilt would complement each other, accented by a pillow made from John Robshaw’s plangi fabric. Wall decals are becoming quite popular and after seeing the sophia birds in Kylie’s laundry of All Things Lovely, I knew that Elephannie’s Etsy shop would be stocked with Holly-esque blossoms and birds.

The small-scale dean sofa in vick fabric could work quite well in the living room with a couple of Lindsay pillows from SCAD’s Working Class Studio. A pair of mid-century modern Danish lounge chairs sit across from the sofa — ebay could be end up being your best friend. A multi-colored crystal chandelier hangs above the seating area, similar to the schonbek gallia chandelier. I love the spectrum chandelier at Urban Outfitters even though it’s not as close of a match but it would be much friendlier on our wallets. The walls are decorated with framed botanical prints. We don’t have to look any further than groundwork, a beautiful Etsy shop filled with ink drawings by Danna Ray.

A couple of small touches make this apartment feel so real: a ribboned refrigerator door and a blossom painted dresser. I would imagine that these two DIY projects could easily be done at home (fingers crossed!). Just add double-sided tape to strips of wide ribbon, line them up on your refrigerator door, and then start pinning your favorite photos to your new photo board. As for the dresser, if you don’t feel comfortable painting the flowers and patterns freehand, there are several stencil shops out there that have an array of designs just for that purpose. The Stencil Warehouse has a number of single blooms and offers free stencils.

Now this is a little off the Double Take topic, but if you have seen the movie then you may have also loved Holly’s vintage style dresses. Perhaps they were inspired by the Bette Davis and Judy Garland movies that she watches while cooped up in her apartment. I only wish I could find better pictures of her outfits. This must be a sign that we should stick to the sets. Hope you enjoyed it!

Image credits: Warner Bros., People, Screenrush, IMDb, MovieWeb, Design Public, American Iron Bed Company, John Robshaw Textiles, Elephannie, Room & Board, Pillows and Throws, eBay, Lamps Plus, Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, & Pottery Barn.

  • Oooh! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I think I’m intrigued enough by all the posts about their apartment and her style of clothing to go and rent it right now!

  • oh, i love this one! we just can’t bring ourselves to see this movie(makes us sad), so i’m really happy to see your double take.

  • I love your blog Erin! It means not seeing the same stuff that’s been posted on half of the other design blogs for the past week. You march to the beat of your own drum, and I like that. :)

    Congrats on mankind mag. It’s lovely.

  • I love this double take, too. :) And Lindsay— thank you SO MUCH! What a sweet comment! :)

  • Oh, thanks for having me, Erin. It’s such an honor :) You are a sweetheart! And if any of you feel like a good cry, pick up the book or the dvd.


  • I wasn’t a huge fan of this movie (plot wise) but I absolutely LOVED the interiors and clothes…fabulous job Kylie!

  • I loved this movie and totally thought that it would be a good double take feature! Well done!

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