• I LOVE your blog! It’s so positive and inspiring!
    Thank you very much for inspiring me.

    The mag you created is also amazing, i just saw it and it’s truly breathtakingly beautiful!
    I also did a post about it, maybe you’d like to visit my blog to see it. (i hope you don’t mind i used the picture of the cover of the mag..)

    Keep on doing your great job!

    Thanks again.

    With love, Mila.

  • It´s beautiful and delicate but at the same time it makes laugh, seems like little bugs!

  • Super cute!! Reminds me of our summer vacations with my grandparents…made a lot of stone and pinecone farm animals ;-)

  • Wow. I checked out his site and am totally in awe of the tiny little sea stone vases he makes and the driftwood sculptures! Amazing…..(insert jaw dropped here)

  • I’ll have to agree with the above Melissa here, it’s just insane how beautiful and natural these look.
    Thanks as always for the pretty things…..

  • Mila— of course that is fine! Thanks so much for your sweet words! :)

    And yes— this is some insane talent. ;)

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