reader profiles: ann from seattle.

Today’s reader profile is a super fun-loving gal from Seattle! I’d totally pick her to spend a quirky afternoon with… as long as we’ve got plenty of caffeine. ;)

[click image below to enlarge & read more about Ann!]
p.s. If you’d like to be featured on Design for Mankind, email me right here and tell me what makes you tick!

  • thanks for the feature erin. i’d pick you to spend a caffinated afternoon with too!

  • I know at least one of your profiles has a blog (Hila frm Australia) and am wondering if you would include a person’s blog in their interview.

    (Or am I missing a link somewhere?)

  • Wow, I wish I could say that “efficiency” was one of my best qualities. And I love her mantra. Seems like a cool chick!

    Oh, and to answer her question…to get my creative juices flowing, sometimes I just watch MTV. I think the graphics are incredible and the commentary on those shows is always off-the-wall. Or I’ll by foreign magazines and flip thru the pix.

    Love this feature:)

  • i want this as my new motto too:

    “If you can walk, you can dance, if you can talk, you can sing” – Zimbabawean proverb

    thanks as always for the inspo!

  • Hi Maureen!

    I generally like to keep the blogs out of it, b/c this feature is ALL about the people.

    But, if you think I should consider adding the blogs, I can do that, too! :)

  • Hello Ann, my fellow caffeine addict :)
    My only advice to get the creative juices going is read everything and ask lots of questions.

    I loved reading your profile – could you send some of your efficiency my way?

  • Well, if I am the only one ever asking, then it may be moot. But if you see someone whose talents/ideas interest you, then you are stuck for further info about him/her. Yes, it is about the people, but how else can you learn more about the person??

  • I love reading about what others do in the same city. It know exactly where and what she it talking about and it makes all that more real.

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