thank you, kirtsy!

I feel like I’ve just been crowned homecoming queen of Blogosphere High. Thanks to Karey M, who spotted my tiny mag, and a BIG thanks to everyone for making me a most popular post of the day!!!

  • HA, I don’t know about that, but I am quite flattered! :)

  • yeah for you!!! i will be able to say..i knew her way back when. just remember the little people when you make it to the big time. =)

  • Well done!
    If I ever get more than 100 comments on a post like you, I would throw a blog party. But I highly doubt that will happen – we can’t all be as fabulous as you :)

  • you’re well loved by the kirtsy chicks…i’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere you wouldn’t be so loved, though.

    i think you’re the perfect example of karma. of kindness making more kindness. well done {repeat a million times.}…i’m about to order a mag…PRINT!!!

  • yay for you! it seems like you’re caught up in a well-deserved pr snowball that just keeps getting bigger and bigger ;).

  • Karey M: Good gracious— I’m so flattered. Thanks for the post, the words of affirmation, AND your encouragement. Wowza! I’m floating!

    Quaint Handmade: A snowball! You are too cute.

    S.C.J.: I used to say ‘sweet sassy molassy’ and just thought it was the funnest phrase EV.ER. Still is. ;)

    Hila: WE SHOULD throw a blog party! And I’m sure comment 100 is right around the corner for you… ;)

    Allyzabba: “I’d like to thank the little people…” ;)

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