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You guys— honestly. I can’t thank you enough for your sweet comments, prayers, emails and phone calls today. You have been so gracious and loving, and Reason #2 so appreciates it all. [I sort of do, too!]

For those of you wondering, Bernie is fine and well and begins his anti-seizure medication tomorrow morning. He’s currently sleeping soundly on my feet, just where he belongs.

I don’t normally get personal here, but I really feel the need to share how blessed I was today. Although it wasn’t your typical birthday, between the emergency vet clinics, the pharmacies, the family vet and my annual dental check-up, I couldn’t help but feel as if this was a true birthday celebration. Nothing fancy, no parties or balloons. Just Husband and I driving around town trying to figure out what the next step is.

And isn’t that so fitting? Life is about the next steps, the ups and downs, and the in-betweens. Throw a few dentist appointments and a trip to the E.R. and you’ve got yourself a pretty well-lived life.

I can’t think of a better way to turn 25.

  • Happy birthday! I hope your pup is better and on the mend. Yes, life is about finding your centre calm in the storm isn’t it? My aunt and her grandchildren were held at gun point and robbed last night in their home. The little boy was tied down to the bed. Life definitely has its ups and downs. Maybe its about counting the blessings…
    Hope you have a better week from here on out.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog:)

  • Oh honey…it’s so hard to deal with the ups and downs in life as nothing ever stays stable. It’s a fact I’m still denying! So I’m proud of you, for your life perspective.
    I’m so glad to hear Bernie is fine! I’m sure he’s going to get loads of affection at home.:)
    and Happy Birthday of course! don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams and passions.


  • so glad bernie is doing well, phew! you are right we’re not always able to schedule our happiness, but you have a whole year to be 25 – have a great one! xo

  • Sometimes it’s frustrating how life has a way of working things out.

    It seems like whenever I get a little too out of touch with what is REALLY important to life, it gives me a little tug (scare) in the right direction.

    I wish you a year of happiness, healthiness and surroundings of love and knowledge.

    You are a lucky lady to have so many fabulous people in your life.
    Happy Birthday…… (kind of late, as usual)

  • oh erin, i’m so glad he’s ok! i can’t imagine how scary that must have been– and it’s so nice to hear you being grateful for things that would make a lot of people extremely cranky and negative. and on your birthday no less! you are such a gem!!

  • I’m so happy everything is ok. I agree with Jess, it’s so refreshing that you see the positive side of things. What a gal!! Glad your birthday was wonderful :)

  • Sounds kind of like how my husband’s 26th birthday just went – our washing machine broke, we both had eye appointments and we had to go the BMV and renew our registrations. I like the way you spun it though – it’s life – and I am doing all the those things with the one I love. Thanks for putting it into perspective – guess we all a reminder need to think that way more often. :) Glad to hear your pup-dog is doing better!

  • So, so glad to hear the pup is well. I once had a beloved dog that suffered from seizures, so I know just how scary it can be. You have such a wonderful attitude about life….and your 25th birthday. Good for you. Here’s a great big HUG for you!

  • Thank goodness, your puppy is doing better. Despite how the difficult time, I’m glad you enjoyed your b-day. I hope this coming year will be very blessed:)

  • i somehow missed this yesterday, but i’m so glad bernie is doing better. wishing you a year full of joy, laughter, love, and blessed moments. xox

  • poor bernie :( and i must add that bernie is the best dog name ever. what a lucky fellow. to have a good name and good people! i’m so glad he’s doing well…and i’m glad your birthday ended up being special too.

  • Glad to hear that bernie is doing better. I hope you had a happy birthday….your perspective is refreshing and I wish you more ups than downs.

  • Thank goodness sweet little Bernie is ok….I knew he would be. :) What a wonderful perspective to have on your tumultuous day. Ups and downs for SURE but, so very beautiful, right? A big hug and kiss to all of you! Yay, Bernie! :)

  • aw….i did miss ur bday :( well..happy belated birthday darl!!! and wow…u are still 25!!!! very young and talented (actually, we’re in same age, but i thought u were older)..oh whatever. Happy birthday again!! **hugss and kisses**

  • Erin, I’m glad to hear he’s doing well! The downs make the ups in life more enjoyable. Though I do prefer more ups :) Hope you have a lovely relaxing day after yesterdays adventure.

  • Twenty Five? Hmmm, are you sure:) Glad to hear the little one is doing well…and you know what I say–a well-lived life is in the details.

  • LOVE to you, dear. Wishing you the best twenty-fifth year ever, filled with joy, laughter, life and adventure.

  • Happy beleted B-day! Sure sounds like a crazy bday, but glad to hear all is well and you got some rest – right? Eat some cake, have some wine and give yourself a big hug :) You deserve it!

  • Awww, thank you Green Canary— and don’t be! I think everyone has some crazy accomplishments at a young age, whether or not the world can see them.


    And thank you so much everyone— we’re all doing just fine and taking it easy today. :)

  • glad your puppy is fine now. happy birthday again! your little package will arrive at some point this year. i’m very bad with dates and stuff but it’ll be there when you least expect :)

  • good news about your pup! i know first hand what it’s like to have a dog that has seizures. tough stuff. once she was put on meds she was aok and i’m sure that will be the case for Bernie. hang in there!

  • oh, you are so wonderful. your perspective is just incredible. i can’t believe you’re only 25! you’re just a little babe. :)
    and im’ so glad that bernie is feeling better. you can celebrate your birthday and his health today! xo

  • Wise. So wise. life is the in-between. Some people don’t ever get this! I think I’m starting to. Glad to hear that Bernie is alright.

    Happy happy new year to you!

  • Thank you SO much everyone… I just love you all so much!

    Bernie is doing WONDROUSLY. :)

    Ok, is that even a word???

  • Erin, OMG. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I know how completely scary and unsettling it is to be with your pet at the vet. Thank God he is OK. It definitely makes you appreciate what you have, and for that reason I can see why it would make for a special birthday. I’m thinking of you and those little munchkins:)

  • Oh Melisa, thank you so much!!! You’re right— it makes you appreciate what you have, and we all have so much!

    Thanks for thinking of Bernie; he sends his heartfelt gratitude. :)

  • A very happy belated birthday to you oh wise and wonderful one – and only 25! That means you’re going to become even MORE wise and even more wonderful too :)

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