say hello to fellow.

Oh my goodness, I’ve been a horrible blogger today. I’m in the middle of packing for the upcoming move [yes, L.A. to Indiana, for the inquiring minds] and am busy getting ready to welcome Will Bryant to L.A!

I won’t have any posts tomorrow as I’ll be gallivanting with one of my favorite artists, but I DO have a special treat for you today.

My dear [and ridiculously stylish] friend James has released his first edition of Fellow Magazine today! I’m so so proud of him, and the mag turned out BETTER than I could have ever imagined. See it on Issuu, and be sure to leave him a comment so he knows you loved it. ;)

Trust me, it’s a FANTASTIC read. Perhaps even better than Mankind Mag [and that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m Fellow’s editor. ;)]


  • Oooh..what great design eye candy! I’m looking forward to reading through it all this weekend.

    Are you really only keeping a pair of lamps and artwork?! Bravo my friend!

  • Okay, where to start. First of all, loved your new issue. Love the new fellow – have to read it more later. But most importantly, “those who can’t do, blog”…are you kidding…..not in your case!

  • I’m with you Jae- She has mad crazy skills:) And what better editor could a fellow ask for?

  • oh my, i’ve been gone for so long, you have a new website! missed your posts and all your style treats….good luck on the upcoming move! oh, and have a lovely weekend. oh, and the new site looks fantastic!~

  • Super cool! I am off to check it out! Best of luck with packing and your move…I’ve been there recently (as you know ;) it’s a ton of work but rewarding! :)

  • Wait, you’re the editor? Well no WONDER there’s an item about my Uncle Beefy in there! Clearly someone with impeccable taste:)

    Seriously though, Erin. Stop slacking and DO something, will ya? I mean, really.

    (Actually, can you stand thisclose to me for a minute, so maybe some of your talent can rub off on me? HOW do you do it all? HOW?!)

  • I’m in the middle of moving right now too! But I’m only going 15 minutes. Welcome to the Midwest. If you ever come up to Door County, Wisconsin, come visit my gallery. It will be open next summer :)

  • Really lovely, great job. Best of luck with the packing, I’m off to get that pretty little button now :)

  • So beautiful. I can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea and read both fellow and the new mankind mag. Thanks for sharing!

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